B1 Veloway

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Imagine cycling along Northbank, past the Aquarium and over Batman Park on a high tech structure 10 metres above ground with no traffic lights, no heavy traffic and in complete safety with great views of the river. Impossible? Not when you clip on a lightweight, high strength elegant structure to the existing rail viaduct running over Banana Alley.
 Think Hi Line New York -
Think Veloway.

Welcome to the Melbourne Veloway an elevated cycleway separating cyclists from cars, trams, taxis and pedestrians across a section of traffic choked Melbourne.


A visionary project that would carry cyclists high above six busy intersections over Banana Alley and along Northbank in a sweeping arc from Federation Square and Princes Bridge to Docklands and Southern Cross Station in the West.


It would provide a vital link in Melbourne's bicycle networks by linking Cremorne/Richmond in the East to Docklands and Spencer Street in the West with connectors beyond to Maribyrnong and Footscray.



We believe our proposal will propel Melbourne and Victoria forward as a leader in providing technically advanced but practical bike infrastructure. We think the motoring public, taxi drivers and delivery drivers to the CBD will welcome such an initiative.

Interested?  We invite you to cruise through our website.

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