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Having a vision and holding to it

For over two years the Melbourne Veloway Consortium comprising professionals drawn from engineering, architecture and urban design have believed there is a need to find better solutions to the increasingly dangerous and confusing mix of cars, bikes, heavy commercial traffic and pedestrians across Greater Melbourne but in particular the CBD and specifically the East-West corridor. Aware of the dangers speeding cyclists present daily on Southbank to name but one route and now being replicated on Northbank this informal grouping of professionals, all well credentialed in their respective fields, decided to explore some solutions.


The Veloway proposal grew out of this. Member organisations which have contributed to the Veloway vision include Strategic Outcomes, a specialist in project risk and time management,  LAB Studio Architecture,the lead design practice for Federation Square, W.T. Partnership quantity surveying and cost control, Aurecon services & ESD, Winward Structures structural and civil engineers and MGS Architects with significant expertise in developing urban planning and transport solutions. All have contributed their time to this vision.

Grant O'Donnell, Principal Strategic Outcomes Consulting


Professor Donald Bates Principal of LAB Architecture Studio, Professor of Architectural Design, University of Melbourne


Rob McGauran, Partner, McGauran Giannini Soon Architects
 Adjunct Professor of Art Design & Architecture, Monash University


Michael Potter, Director

Pacific Strategies



Politicians from both sides proclaim we are a bike friendly city yet Melbourne spends the lowest of any major capital city on bike infrastructure according to a 2012 national audit conducted by Victoria's peak bike organisation, Bicycle Network Victoria, and is only ahead of Darwin and Hobart in terms of per capita spend (Go to the FAQ's section of this site). At the same time cycling is booming in Victoria eg 10.9% of morning peak time traffic entering the CBD in the morning peak are bikes (Source City of Melbourne Traffic Counts 2011 and to be updated)

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